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Recently, I had an interview with Michael Coleman, who performs the voice of New Mutant , Roberto Da Costa a.k.a Sunspot. Interview was conducted on the 22nd February 2002.
Well to kick things off..
xme2001: Can you briefly describe your character "Sunspot" in X-Men Evolution?
M.Coleman:  I guess Sunspot/Roberto is kind of a young Erik Estrada meets Superman....... I am a quick tempered, witty, sexy Brazillian kid who gets these amazing super powers from the sun.
xme2001:  In the new episode "Retreat" we got to really see Roberto for the first time. What can we expect from him in upcoming episodes?
M.Coleman:  I was temporarily scheduled to do 10 episodes last season but only ended up appearing in "Retreat" With all the new charaters each week it is difficult to give all of the X-Men a lot of screen time. I am patient however and we start recording this next season on March 6th and go through until June 26. I am presently being told to keep all of the dates open (hoping that means more Sunspot this year!)
xme2001:  When did you record "Retreat"?
M.Coleman:  July 5th of last year!
xme2001:  How often do you record and episode? and How long does it take to record an episode?
M.Coleman:  X-Men records every Wednesday at Ocean in Vancouver. Episodes usually take a couple of hours each.
xme2001:  How far in advance, do they give you your scripts for an episode?
M.Coleman:  Usually a couple of  days or so. Enough time to read the story, figure out character objectives,subtext, blah blah blah.. You have to be very specific with pitch, tone, intent, etc. for voice work.
xme2001:  How did the audition process work for getting the voice job? Was "Sunspot" your first choice?
M.Coleman:  Actually I went in to read for several characters originally... including Cyclops and Bobby. The studio called me several months later with the Sunspot gig. I like Sunspot, I like to think of him as a sexy latino version of Superman!
xme2001:  Have you seen much of the show yourself? What do you think about it?
M.Coleman:  I have seen it and I am really honored to work on it! I think it is one of the better prelay series on television. It is also a chance to work with my roommate (Kirby Morrow aka Cyclops)! We haven't had the opportunity to record an episode together yet, but we are hoping to this season.
xme2001:  Who are your favourite and least favourite characters on the show?
M.Coleman:  My favourite is Wolverine. A Canadian with an attitude. Gotta love it! I don't really hate any of the characters. I do wish however that the fans could see more of their favourite characters.
xme2001:  Has recording started for Season 3? How are you enjoying it?
M.Coleman:  Because there are so many characters this is a chance for me to work with a lot of my friends and voice actors that I have idolized in the past. The atmosphere in the room for the one episode I did last year was great and other VAs that I know who work on the show have told me different stories that lead me to believe that it is always that much fun.
xme2001:  Thankyou so much for your time!

Well, first interview up! Hopefully many more to come! Michael Coleman is a really nice, down to earth bloke, and I had heaps of fun conducting the interview. All I can really say now is........ LONG LIVE ROBERTO